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Every number :


Carton Size:

Each cabinet number:

Product Description:

Ordering illustration

1,Illustration for product agency
Global agency: initial ordering should surpass 62400 boxes =1300 cases
Nationwide agency: initial ordering should surpass31200 boxes =650 cases
Regional city agency: initial ordering should surpass 15600boxes= 325 cases
Each supplement shall surpass 9600 boxes

2,Standard shipping cargo size
20 FOOT CARGO: 5.69MX2.13MX2.18M 26 cubic meters
40 FOOT CARGO: 11.8MX 2.13MX 2.18M 54 cubic meters

The book authorized agent

3. Destination of the cargo
The cargo can arrive harbors at any cities of any nation, or cargo be sent to designated cities (tariffs declared otherwise)

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